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Paress Huebner Rees - Realtor

Paress has an obvious passion for people and community. It allows her to be a successful Realtor in her own right. With an intimate knowledge of real estate, Paress represents her clients with enthusiasm and fun. She is a fierce advocate for their needs and advises against houses that are not in their best interest. She wants to see her clients happy and she falls over backwards to make sure they are.

Paress enjoys being a Realtor because it combines her love of community with her love of people. Born in Mequon, she has a deep understanding of Wisconsin’s various neighborhoods. This allows her to find the right area for her buyers.

She forms lifelong relationships with her clients. She celebrates their milestones such as job promotions, having children, decorating and renovating their homes, and more. “I want to always be a woman of integrity. My foremost priority is helping my buyers find a home that meets their needs, will be a smart investment for down the line, and advocate for them throughout the process.”

Paress’s background in journalism and education has prepared her for real estate. She learned the importance of being a person of service and how to champion for people’s needs. She provides education and knowledge, so her buyer’s feel empowered to make the right decision.

This knowledge equates to strong, expertly negotiated, highly competitive offers that win deals.

Her goals are to get her buyers a house they love, to have fun while doing it and to make the whole process as stress free as possible.

While not working, Paress loves supporting her community. She can often be found at a new restaurant with friends, seeing a local band or visiting an art exhibit. She stays active with hikes along the river with her dog, yoga, biking along the lakefront and lounging in her back yard.